Decorative Cladding


(from left to right)

Natural Oak
Boudensee Cherry
Oxford Cherry
Vancouver Maple
Bavarian Beech
Folkstone Grey
Burgundy Mahogany
(laminates sold as an optional extra)

Metal Finishes

(from left to right)

(optional extra)

Silver Vein
Folkstone Grey
(standard & included in price)

Black & Silver Handles
(standard & included in price)

High Density Cabinets

  • Allows the user to make use of vertical height costly floor space is maximised.
  • Allows the user a myriad of internal component combinations dependant on the storage application.
  • Internal components can be simply adjusted at any time making use of multiple setting options on the side of the cabinet.
  • A variety of finish options are available to enhance the overall aesthetic of the area in which the cabinets are being installed.


Full Height Lockable Doors can be used either on a free standing unit or on the single bay at the end of a High Density Filing System.


Solid Back
Whilst single bays are ALWAYS fitted with a Solid Back, the user has the option to replace the Back Brace used on the Double Bays (back to back), with a Solid Back.??The Solid Back is used to enhance the structural strength of the bays, as well as to eliminate the possibility of the internal components moving past the centre of the double bay units.
Back Brace
Whilst single bays are ALWAYS fitted with a Back Brace, all Double Bays (back to back), are fitted with a Back Brace as the standard option (included in the price of the bay).??? The Back Brace is used to enhance the structural strength of the bays.